A U.S Production Company In Association With DMF Accra Requires Actors for an Epic Movie in Accra.

Updated: Apr 21, 2020


Record a one minute scene with the synopsis created for the role you are applying for, send it to +233574336080 or +233 543793754.

Email : Comment your full name below on this post comment section to make it easy for us to find your video.

CHARACTER                                                             DESCRIPTION

1. four children                                      below 10    Village kids playing, They should have the ability to understand production commands and environments.

2. SIX  COMBAT MEN                                               below 25. Masculine with marshal experience, they protect the chief priest and fight for the gods. Ability to use Sword is an advantage. 

3. SIX SLAVES (  WOMEN)                 Not below 20.   Any body size with natural hair.

4. CHIEF PRIEST                                          45 & above   Ability to speak and chant in three different Ghana's local languages, A powerful traditionalist who rules the kingdom.


6. THREE TOURIST WOMEN  30,40 AND 50        With or ability to mimic 

foreign ascents.   

7. GRANDMA                         above 50 Natural, ability to deliver in three different Ghana Languages. commanding and wicked.

8.SELASSIE                         Below 17    A teenage girl who falls victim of tradition Smallish body size, dark in complexion and ability to deliver in 3 Ghana Local Language. (Emotional Character)

9.KOJO'S MOTHER                Above 60  Old grand mother sick and abandoned. Big body size, ability to speak any three Ghana languages.

10. WOFA                                         Above 40  drunkard  who is half educated. a two face person, a gossip. Ability to speak 3 local languages and English.

11. FIVE ELDERS                    Above 40    Elders who takes govern with the king, members of palace committee.

12. MOTHER OF CHILD         Above 30     A mother who has a sick child. Ability to speak any of the local languages.

 13. MAMA AKOS                   Above 30     A vilage woman who's daughter fell prey to a strange sickness.

  14. PAPA AKOS                       Above 40   A Village Farmer , wicked and reckless.  Must be able to speak at least one local Ghana language.

  15.  AKOS                                Below 17   A sick girl village girl who schools in town, speaks English and Ghana local language.

 16. DRIVER                               Above 25    A young tourist driver, Good looks and ability to speak both English and twi.

17. 10  TEENAGE GIRLS                  Below 16   Village teenagers who are victim of a barbaric tradition. Short or natural  hair, No bleached bodies allowed. 

18 . ABI      (Female )                   Below 16     A village girl in class in a village school. Bad English with ability to speech local language.

19  RIVER GODDESS                    Above 30  River Goddess, a highly spiritual woman wit her command of words in 3 different  local languages

20  RIVER GIRLS                           Blow 20                  They accompany the goddess on her activities.

21. MINISTER      (MALE )             Above 45               A minister of the state with Ability to speak any of the Local Languages.

23.  COMMISSIONER                     Above 40       


24. 3 MOTHERS                            Above 30                Village women.

25.  OWEN                                    Above 35               A white detective with combat and  military experience on a rescue mission.

26. AMBASSADOR    (Female)       Above 40               Foreign Assent, An authoritative woman.


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